Learn Some of the Duties and Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician

The salary of a pharmacy technician (PT) is competitive. In fact, the median starting salary rate in this position is more than $28,000 with a median hourly wage of over $13 as of 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With extensive training experience, the annual rate will go up. But the salary range will depend on the place where the pharmacy tech is working. Those who work with the federal government are the highest earners in the PT field. They are followed by those who work in the technical consulting services. California, Texas, and Florida are the states where the employment rate in this occupation is high.

Duties and responsibilities

A pharmacy tech career is part of the health care industry. They do not deal with patients hands on. They work in a low-stress work environment located in stores or in hospitals. Their duties will include the following:

-Preparing medications

-Counting tablets

-Labeling of prescription bottles

-Other administrative duties such as answering the phone, stocking shelves and operating the cash register.

In addition to the above mentioned duties, PT’s will also help patients or customers with the information about their prescription medications and health. They are also tasked to keep a well-organized patient profile information. In this way, the pharmacy will run smoothly.

Career requirements

-Finished a high school diploma

-Registered with the state board of pharmaceuticals

-Completed 20 hours of continuing education. This is a requirement to renew certification.

The certification obtained by a pharmacy technician should be renewed every two years. Within that 2-year period, he must complete a 20-hour continuing education that can be earned from colleges, pharmacy associations, and pharmacy technician training programs. Or pharmacy techs can renew their certificate if they have completed 10 hours of continuing education on the job under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Although certification is not mandatory in the US, certified pharmacy techs are likely to make more than those who have not obtained any certification in this field. In other words, certification is a one of the different ways to earn a higher salary.

Possible work locations

Here are some of the possible locations where a he/she can apply for work in:

-Independent pharmacies

-Grocery stores

-Drug chains

-Department stores


-Internet pharmacies

-Doctor’s office

Individuals who are vying to become a pharmacy technician may look for work by visiting national online job listing sites. They have several job offerings for pharmacy techs in various parts of the country. Job listings are also posted on online news publication. An individual must have the basic requirements for this position to be hired.